Los Altos, The Lloyd S. Whaley Story – Part One

Another great vintage video of the era.

Film Poster: Laddie McCabe
Location: YouTube
Date: July 9, 2015

This second video picks-up from the first clip and talks about the Whaley operation providing a more in-depth view of how these early homes were built.

Our filmmaker and great story teller takes us back in time through a journey highlighting fascinating details of how the Los Altos and nearby communities evolved. I didn’t realize this earlier, but most of the Whaley developments were primarilly funded throught FHA government insured loans (Federal Housing Administration), one of the most versatile home financing programs offering low-down payments and more flexible underwriting guidelines to first-time home buyers as well as many other borrowers.

In order to keep up with the ferosious need for lumber to build hundreds of homes at a time, Mr. Whaley acquired and operated two separate lumber yards. It was surprising to see how the lumber trucks were loaded and ow those workers made it look so easy when in fact it was a very perilous job. Again, I find this film fascinating and look forward to the next video post. Thank you Mr. McCabe for sharing these great films with the rest of us!

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Thank you for watching!