Los Altos, The Lloyd S. Whaley Story – Part One

Another great vintage video of the era.

Film Poster: Laddie McCabe
Location: YouTube
Date: July 9, 2015

This second video picks-up from the first clip and talks about the Whaley operation providing a more in-depth view of how these early homes were built.

Our filmmaker and great story teller takes us back in time through a journey highlighting fascinating details of how the Los Altos and nearby communities evolved. I didn’t realize this earlier, but most of the Whaley developments were primarilly funded throught FHA government insured loans (Federal Housing Administration), one of the most versatile home financing programs offering low-down payments and more flexible underwriting guidelines to first-time home buyers as well as many other borrowers.

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Top Areas and Neighborhoods

Finding the perfect home is not just about what the home looks like and how many bedrooms it features; of course, these are important factors but then so too is the location. If the location isn’t right for you, the house will never feel like home, no matter what improvements you make to it. Finding the perfect location for your next home will be easy for some buyers but an uphill struggle for others – some neighborhoods will have more appeal and it comes down to personal preferences and needs.

Finding neighborhoods close to top schools will be important for families, while a semi-retired couple may be looking for easy access to the golf course. If you’re unsure where you would like to live read on for my suggestions and tips for finding top areas and neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Orange counties.
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