30 Dana Place, The Peninsula Bay, Long Beach

The Peninsula, Area 1, Long Beach, California 90802

A new construction custom-home project I was involved with in 2008 with a developer client.

This particular property was originally listed and offered for sale on the MLS as an REO, shortly after the lender foreclosed and later sold it to my client via a traditional escrow.

The subject property is located in “The Peninsula”, the very desirable “Area 1” within the City of Long Beach. During that time and to document the new construction project in the peninsula, we created a unique single-listing website to highlight the progress.

In 2007 and just after the beginning of the financial meltdown, this new 4-level custom-home project ran into financial trouble near its completion and unfortunately ultimately selling via a short sale to a local Long Beach Peninsula investor. With the many photos I snapped beginning with the acquisition, the tear-down and through the entire construction phase, I thought it would be a shame and a not a good idea to take down the single-page listing website and continue to host it.

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