734 Havana Ave, Alamitos Heights, Long Beach

Alamitos Heights, Area 2, Long Beach, California 90804

A new construction custom-craftsman project I was involved with in 2006 with a client friend.

Alamitos Heights is located in Area 2 within the city of Long Beach, and it is a very desirable location. When the original home first became available for sale on the MLS, my client wasted no time in presenting an offer.

They were loan pre-approved and had the construction financing in place to build their new dream home. It was a very exciting time for them. At that time and in this particular case, I handled and facilitated the project construction funding through Indymac, one of many and now desist lender casualties from the recent real estate financial collapse that started in 2007 and continues to some degree to this day. Eight years have now passed since and it is difficult for me believe, it all seems so surreal…

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